Nolan Tines is a 10-year-old Fifth Grader at Sutton Elementary School here in Owensboro.   During Fall Break he went to Disney and all he could talk about was going to the LEGO Store at Disney Springs. There he found his dream Lego project and we wanted to share his journey of building the massive Lego Coaster.

When he visited the store he only bought a few small sets but his mom says he kept returning to the store to gaze at the Coaster set.

She says she made a mental note and put that at the top of his Christmas list. On Christmas morning he was shocked and excited to open the Coaster. He has worked on it off and on for the past few months.

Kristin Tines

This time of quarantine was just what he needed to get it done. The result is really incredible. It runs just like a real coaster including a camera for pics, rider waiting area, and even a hat lost by a rider. LEGO does things right.

Nolan's mom, Kristin Tines, told us Nolan has played with it for hours and his cats are big fans too.  The best doubles as a new dining table center.

Nice job Nolan.  We want to see your Lego creations if you or your kids like to build.  Post them to the Facebook page.

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