'Tis the season!  Around this time each year, the City of Owensboro declares its War on Potholes.  Normally, the city does this twice annually- once in spring and right before winter.  And here's how you can be a good little soldier and join in the fight.  If you see a pothole, you are asked to report it.  That way city crews can pinpoint them exactly in order to repair them.  Yesterday, the Mayor's office shared the official "call to arms" on social media.

As you know, we did have considerable amounts of snow and ice this past winter, so it's entirely possible there are some new potholes in or around your neighborhood or workplace that need to be reported. So, if you encounter them, you are asked to let city officials know where they are- just to make sure the Owensboro Street Department knows exactly where they need to focus their repair efforts.

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The reporting period for Spring 2021 is next week.  Starting Monday, April 19th, you can call the City Action line at 270-687-4444 to report your pothole locations.  You can do that from 4/19-4/23.  Then, the following week (through May 7th), the Owensboro Street Department will begin repairing the reported potholes.  And, as you can see in the FB post above, the ultimate goal is to repair every single pothole reported.

Again, that's where YOU come in.  You can be help fight the City of Owensboro's War on Potholes reporting potholes next week.  Please help by reporting those to City Action at 270-687-4444 or by e-mail at cityaction@owensboro.org.


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