Have a nasty pothole in your neighborhood?  Do you encounter the same one every day on the way to work?  Well, take note and report it!  The Owensboro Street Department is waging its annual war on potholes and they need you to tell them where those pesky potholes are so they can fix them.

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The Owensboro Street Department is getting prepared for cold weather and, as you know, it's coming quickly.  Consequently, the annual War on Potholes is taking place from Monday, October 28th through Friday, November 1st.  If you know of a pothole that needs repair, please report it by Friday.  You can do so simply by calling City Action at 270-687-4444.  Please be as specific as possible as to the location, referencing a street address or intersection.

Then, for two weeks, between November 4th and November 15th, street crews will be working to repair those reported potholes.

Again, you can assist by reporting potholes this week.  Please help by reporting those to City Action at 270-687-4444 or by e-mail at cityaction@owensboro.org.


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