News this morning from a popular Owensboro restaurant.  The Big Dipper, after being closed for weeks due to COVID-19 concerns, is officially reopening today.

Big shout out to our friend Kerrie Roberts Druen for getting the scoop yesterday.  In her words, she's a little extra because she "sent them a pm asking when they were opening."  LOL!

The restaurant is opening up at 9am this morning and will resume normal operating hours.

Kerrie was so excited to receive the news she already decided "what's for lunch AND dinner."  I know many people in the area feel the exact same way.

The Big Dipper is one of the most popular places in Daviess County.  The restaurant has been in operation over six decades and was recently featured in Dave Spencer's WBKR Bucket List series.

The Big Dipper also finished in 2nd place in the recent Owensboro Food Bracket Challenge, which pitted 64 Owensboro restaurants against each other in a bracket-style competition.

My personal favorite Big Dipper lunch/dinner- a BLT with no mayo, onion rings (they're the best) and a lemonade.

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