Owensboro's fast food restaurant game is getting real.  In just the past few weeks there have been several announcements of new and different chain restaurants coming to town.  Including one we spotted this weekend on date night.

Penguin Point is the newest.  Angel here while on date night Saturday night Joe noticed a sign in the former Captain D's location on Frederica next to Pizza Hut.  He said "What's Penguin Point?"  I had no idea and it was the first time I'd seen the sign.

According to the Penguin Point Website;

Penguin Point Franchise system Inc. began as a carhop drive-in on June 6, 1950, by two Stouder families Wallace and Mary Stouder, and his brother Lloyd and Heleta Stouder and was only open during summer. The modern-day corporation was formed by the two brothers in June 1961 and now operates 13 restaurants in northern Indiana, a catering company, and a restaurant equipment company. The first restaurant was opened at the junction of State Road 13 and 15 in Wabash and still operates today as one of the top restaurants.   They also have kids meals and milkshakes.  When I was scanning their menu I noticed Pork and BBQ Sandwiches, and Hot Dogs.

In 1968 they added a catering company to the business called Black Tie Catering.

The closest locations to the Tristate area are Indy and Louisville.

I sent my investigative reporter husband to search and see of any sign of opening and he said there was nothing on the doors or windows.  He did get some great pictures of the building and it looks super nice.



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