Phil and Paula Crabtree started Phill's Custom Cabinets in 1975 after they bought a rental house in need of kitchen cabinets and Phill took the initiative to do the job himself.

The cabinet shop not only created opportunities for the Crabtrees but for hundreds of local craftsmen and women to hone their skills in the woodworking business. The couple's youngest child, Phillip II, joined the operation in 2000. The company has continued to flourish since its inception and it has received multiple patents and two international awards for innovation and advancements in the woodworking arena.


Phillip II purchased the family business in 2010, and just like his father, his passion for woodworking, along with his exceptional employees allowed for a recipe for success which came in the form of an online business that allows other cabinet shop owners, handymen, and women to benefit from the technology started right here in Owensboro.

The business is called Cabinotch and with thousands of customers across North America, Crabtree made the decision to close the family's retail division to focus on Cabinotch.

Crabtree is asking customers who have made a purchase at Phill's to post a story, a memory, or comment on their blog.

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