Right now, you can party like it's 1492, but you'll need to come to western Kentucky to do it. Columbus Day doesn't happen until October, but a de facto Columbus WEEK has kicked off in Owensboro.

Columbus Ship Replica Docked in Owensboro

Sanger Ships LLC prides itself on its two Columbus replica ships and the tours it offers aboard them. Sanger's replica of the Niña is considered the "most historically accurate Columbus replica ship ever built" and is, for all intents and purposes, a floating museum. The Sanger Pinta replica, according to its website, is available for private parties and charters.

However, that private party caveat doesn't apply when the ship is in port. That's when tours for the public are available. And they're available now, as the Pinta arrived in Owensboro on July 7th.

What guests seem to come away with most often after touring the ship is how small it is. And since these are precise replicas, it really boggles the mind that many travelers boarded these things and sailed around the world.

What to Expect Touring the Pinta Replica

The Pinta replica will be docked at Owensboro's English Park through Sunday, July 16th, giving interested parties plenty of time to come take a tour. You can take a closer look at the vessel--more commonly known as a caravel--right here when it was docked in Mobile AL in 2020:

If you're like me and were wondering why there's no replica of the Santa Maria, ninapinta.org has the answer:

The Santa Maria was a different type of ship, known as a "Nao" and considerably larger than the Caravels The Niña & Pinta. The biggest operational difference between the two designs is the draft. The Santa Maria would require 14 feet of water depth, where the Niña & Pinta only draft 7 feet. A Santa Maria replica would not be able to travel to many places where The Niña and Pinta visit.

So, if you're keeping score...there's no Santa Maria; there IS a Niña, but it's somewhere else; and the Pinta is on full display for your touring pleasure until it sails away July 16th.

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