If you think people don't get excited about supermarkets, well...you're just wrong. I don't even consider reactions unusual anymore.

Whenever the Starlite Drive Kroger opened Owensboro--at least a couple of decades ago, I'm thinking--excitement was palpable. At the time, it was bigger than the Kroger in Wesleyan Park Plaza, and the crowds filled it up. And when Wesleyn Kroger DID expand to the massive store it is now, it was the same story.

Throw in how jazzed people get about roadside convenience stores (maybe too mild a term) like Buc-ee's and Wawa, it's clear that when places like that open--of all shapes and sizes--it hits a button.

Likewise, when word came that Kentucky was getting MULTIPLE Publix Supermarkets, people went nuts. And I get it; my dad fell in love with Publix in 1979 when we visited my aunt and uncle in Lakeland FL where it's based.

Maybe the reason new stores like this create such a fervor is because travelers like to visit chains they don't have at home. I know I do.

And Publix KNOWS how excited fans get when they know a store is opening nearby, or maybe just in the same state. So it has developed a website that lets shoppers know when and where new stores will be opening. Sure, it's not THAT big a deal if you contextualize it with the common practice of big chains like Kroger, Walmart, Meijer, and others having apps. But this is just a little bit different. Publix is just as excited to come to Kentucky as you are to have them here.

Who knows? Maybe the exhilaration that new Publix openings generate will spark expansion beyond the major metropolitan areas in Kentucky.

And if that comes to pass, hello.publix.com will be right there with the news.

[SOURCE: WLKY-Louisville]

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