The AP says hideous lamps that have entertained Kentucky State Fair visitors since 1996 won't be around this year. The "Ugly Lamp Contest" lost its home when Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville closed down. Chad used to go each year to check out the latest batches of the weird creations when he'd broadcast from the fair.  The contest belongs to Lynn Winter and the contest will go with the sale of the restaurant. The fair hopes to bring the event back in the future under its sponsorship

If you'd like to purchase Lynn's Paradise Cafe check it out here.

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You'd smirk, too if you were making 55 million dollars a year like Tobe. He is uncomfortable about discussing his wealth. He told CMT, "It's weird that my income is important to people.  Man, I am not comfortable with my success.  I do my stuff every night.  I play my songs for my crowd.  I got my bars and grills.  I got my race horses and stuff.  But at the end of the day, I drive a pickup truck, and I play golf with my shirttail out. I'm just not that Donald Trump kind of guy.  Your fortune shouldn't matter to anybody.  But it does, and I'm not comfortable with that."

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Even at the age of 55, Aaron Tippin is still built like the body builder he once was. Copyright restrictions prevents me from showing you the picture of the shirtless Aaron, but you can view it here. He and his wife Theo own a weight loss product called "Tip N Shaker". Good pun.