The Real ID licensing in Kentucky has hit some delays, but now, you can get one of the newly created Driver's Licensing Regional Offices throughout the state. And if you happen to be heading to Louisville for the state fair, which begins Thursday by the way, you will have a chance to upgrade to a Real ID on site.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will have a driver's licensing pop-up booth set up daily at the fair from 2 pm to 6 pm (eastern) in the South Wing of the Kentucky Expo Center.

Although there are several regional offices to get your Real ID at open already, including here in Owensboro, if you don't live close by to one, this opportunity is a great way to upgrade your license and to learn more about the Real ID program.

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Here's a quick run-down on Real IDs:

-To meet federal standards, applicants must provide (1) proof of identity, (1) proof of social security, and (2) proofs of residency. HERE is a complete list of accepted documentation.

-Real ID credentials are available in four or eight-year lifespans.

-Real ID cards are optional and citizens do not have to obtain one before the May 3, 2023 deadline. Other federally approved documents, like a valid passport or passport card, are accepted for U.S. air travel, military base, and federal facility entry.

Kentuckians who have a license set to expire within the next 6 months, can renew at the fair pop-up location, and Real ID upgrades can also be provided to any Kentuckian regardless of the expiration date.

All licensing services in Kentucky will be at the Driver's Licensing Regional Offices by June 30, 2022.

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