I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!  I thought I would share a little throwback from a couple of years ago when I discovered that my family's secret and delicious recipe for Chicken & Dumplings was about the biggest sham in this history of the culinary arts!  Here's what happened when my mother showed me the "secret" recipe.

For some quick and necessary clarification, I grew up absolutely loving my family's recipe for Chicken & Dumplings and I spent my childhood convinced that my mother, aunt and grandmother had developed (in a test kitchen, with the help of Food Network scientists) an epic recipe for them.  As it turns out (much to my surprise and dismay), it's not much of a recipe at all.  What I thought was an intricate, family masterpiece is actually a two-ingredient dish.  Here.  I'll let my mother, Judy, explain.  Enjoy it as she wrecks my memories of childhood.

Happy Thanksgiving!  And may your Chicken & Dumplings be slightly more elaborate than mine!

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