Four years ago, Rick and Joanne Pitino put their home at 212 Mockingbird Gardens Drive in their daughter Jacqueline's name. I checked Jefferson County PVA records and learned that it's assessed value is just north of $1 million. However...

The realtor--Team Panella--has yet to post the listing on its website, even though there IS a "For Sale" sign in the front yard.

(I'd attach the picture, but the only one available belongs to the Louisville Courier-Journal and is off limits.)

But I do know this much. Despite the fact that the Pitinos "downsized" when they moved into this home, it still clocks in at 5100 square feet and features five full bathrooms and a half bath.

Not to mention the 2500 square feet of finished basement space. Good Lord.

So, there you have it.

The house is for sale (complete with a sign) but is not listed, meaning there is no asking price at this time. Plus, according to the Courier-Journal, there will likely be NO open houses...not in neighborhoods like this, so getting a close look at it is probably out of the question.

By the way, click here and check out what the NEIGHBORS' homes look like.

Like I said...good Lord!






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