It will take everything in my power to not play hooky today, leave this building and drive like a maniac to northern Kentucky. But, alas, I won't.

It's funny...without that title, you'd probably wonder why I was jonesing so badly to go to the Newport Aquarium or check the progress on the Brent Spence Bridge. But no, the icon in the headline is why the idea of ditching work is dancing in my head like the proverbial sugar plum.

Suddenly, the Commonwealth is a Hollywood hotbed with the likes of Ethan Hawke and Orlando Bloom shooting new movies here just within the last year. And it just feels like it's the beginning of a massive wave, and I am here for it.

But yes, Robert DeNiro, the two-time Academy Award-winning actor--for 1974's The Godfather Part II and 1980's Raging Bull--and owner of six other nominations, is in Covington KY filming a new movie called Wise Guys. Primary filming is taking place in Cincinnati. And while DeNiro isn't as readily available for the odd photo op, an enormous number of classic vehicles are.

In Wise Guys, DeNiro is actually taking on TWO roles--rival mob family patriarchs Frank Costello and Vito Genovese. And this should be quite an exciting assignment for the Hollywood icon...and the film's visual effects crew; in 1957, Genovese tried to assassinate Costello. It will be fascinating to watch how that plays out, assuming it's included in the movie.

If you're asking yourself if all of this actually OCCURRED in Cincinnati and surrounding areas in the 1950s, your answer is "no". The Queen City has become an attractive filming location for producers and directors who want to duplicate New York City from that decade because of its well-maintained 19th-century-era neighborhoods. 2015's Carol was filmed in Cincinnati for the same reason.

And while I have found no images of DeNiro on location--after doggedly searching--I'd be surprised if they don't turn up, seeing as how there's a lot of filming happening in residential areas. That's according to a letter issued by the project's key assistant location manager Brendan Flynn:

Our filming is scheduled to take place on December 9th , 12th , 13th, 14th and 15th. The bulk of our film work on those dates will occur at the intersection of State Rte. 123 and Rte. 40 (Morrow-Blackhawk Rd.) While we are filming, we will initiate a road closure on State Rte. 123 from Rte. 22 to Rte. 132. Trucks will follow a detailed detour pattern approved by (the Ohio Department of Transportation, or ODOT) whereas local traffic will be allowed to enter our closure safely to get to their homes. We understand the impact of our work and will do our best to make sure that everyone can get to where they need to go. We are working closely with the Village of Morrow, Morrow Police Department and (the Ohio Department of Transportation, or ODOT) to coordinate our filming activities. We understand we are guests in your community and will conduct ourselves accordingly.

It SOUNDS like anyone who lives in the aforementioned areas might be able to take a picture from their living room window.

Wise Guys director Barry Levinson is no stranger to filming in Kentucky. His Oscar-winning blockbuster Rain Man was also partially filmed in the Commonwealth. I guess Levinson likes it here. Here's hoping more and more directors "like it here" as well.

No release date for Wise Guys has been announced.


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