Schitt's Creek fans time to get super excited!  If you have ever secretly fantasized about living in the Rosebud Motel you might be in luck.  It's will be up for sale very soon.

Now, you'll have to relocate to Orangeville, Ontario, and of course, come up with the asking price for the place but it could be an awesome adventure.

Owner, Jesse Tipping, originally purchased and used the property to house basketball recruits.  Then along came the Schitt's Creek crew and here we are.  Tipping was going to sell the property earlier in the year and then the pandemic hit.

Schitt's Creek is a series on Netflix that aired on CBS from 2015 to April of 2020.  It's about the Rose family who has been used to living a lavish life and are now being thrust into living in a small town they bought years before as a joke.

Life is quite different for the Rose family when they have to put up with one another and face situations in a new town with no money.

To be totally honest, Angel here, and I have never watched an episode of Schitt's Creek but Chad and Traci here in the office absolutely rave about it.  After watching the Best of Schitt's Creek on YouTube I will be adding this to my watch list when I workout.

The motel has eight rooms that are more like apartments.  It is not on the market yet but will be soon.

It would be a dream come true to own my own motel.  I would turn it into housing for families who are in transition and need an affordable place to live.

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