Ok like anyone is really going to raise their hand and say they drive erratically through a school zone or blow their horn at people who drive too slow but it happens!  It actually happened this week to one of our listeners and she is concerned!

School zones are put into place to ensure the safety of all our kids heading to and from school.  It is our responsibility to follow these rules and make sure we understand them.

Here are some ways to make sure you are following the rules:

  1. Know your school zones
  2. REDUCE your speed when going through school zones
  3. Expect traffic to increase
  4. Beware of walkers
  5. Be on the lookout for buses
  6. You must obey all crossing guards and police officers

And please realize that if you choose not to follow the rules there will be major fines!

If you need to be someone morning or afternoon around the same time that school is in or letting out please plan ahead.  Leave work or your house early and avoid school zones if possible.  If not be patient.  These babies need to get to and from school safely.  To think people actually get upset about this makes my blood boil.

My older boys ride their bikes to school daily and it terrifies me to think they might be in danger because someone is in a hurry or not paying attention!


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