Now this is something your won't normally find in Ohio County, sharks! The 2017 Beaver Dam Strawberry Festival coordinators are bringing live sharks to the downtown area. I'm in! 

The Beaver Dam Tourism Commission is bringing the Haai Shark Encounter to this year's Strawberry Festival.

From the OC Monitor Staff:

"Visitors at the Strawberry Festival can enjoy the sharks swimming in a specially designed aquarium. The show and exhibit combines education and entertainment, all presented in a fun and entertaining format. The diver will narrate the show while diving with the sharks!

Using an underwater mask enabling the diver to communicate with the audience outside the water, the diver will give a play by play of what’s happening in the aquarium. This is a unique opportunity to understand what it feels like to dive and interact with the sharks.

The aquarium can be viewed all day and the scheduled shows with the diver are to be determined."

Yes, the same downtown where me and my Grandmother walked around will have live, swimming sharks in it. I can't wait.

The 20th Annual Beaver Dam Strawberry Festival will be held May 26-29 in downtown Beaver Dam.

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