I only wish I was kidding.  A day after we had temperatures in the 70's and an outbreak of severe weather, we are now facing a chance of sleet and snow.  Yes, I know it's April.  But, get ready!  A dose of winter could return in a couple of days.

This morning, Ron Rhodes from Eyewitness News, called it.  He says we could see rain Friday evening that will eventually transition to sleet and a little bit of snow on Saturday morning.  The Weather Channel agrees!

The Weather Channel

AccuWeather is calling for 1-3 inches of snow into Saturday morning.  UGH!


The National Weather Service is confirming the possibility!

Stay tuned to WBKR and WBKR.com.  We'll keep you posted as this encore threat of winter weather shapes up.  And, believe it or not, Ron Rhodes said we could see a second encore next Tuesday.

Will it ever end?