When something works, you stick with it, right? That's the likely reason Brynneth Pawltro, a pitbull, has been elected mayor of tiny Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

For a town no bigger than a minute, a wide spot in the road, really, it certainly knows how to go viral.

Rabbit Hash sits right on the Ohio River and is a few miles southwest of the Cincinnati metropolitan area.

I checked Google maps and found three businesses that are in or around Rabbit Hash--something called Abrupt Design, another one called Intelligent Products, and, of course, the Rabbit Hash General Store which made news when it caught fire last year.

But P.R. is not an issue with this place and maybe that's why they keep going back to the canine world to select their leader. It seems to work

WDRB in Louisville spoke to Brynneth's owner, Jordie Bamforth, who revealed his pooch's competition in the race--a cat, a chicken, a donkey, and a little boy.

(Was the donkey the Democrat?)

This whole thing began as a fundraiser several years ago and the town has just kept it going.

Sounds like they know how to have fun...AND how to get people to wonder if maybe, just maybe, they should take a little trip to this quirky little burg.

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