One morning on the show a couple of months ago, my co-host, Chad, and I took a poll for our friend Greg. Greg was trying to decide what to do with his perfectly manicured beard for the summer. Keep it, trim, shave it off completely? So we decided to ask you! The overwhelming response was for him to keep it and just trim it up if he felt the need.

We received a phone call that morning from Ted Adler with the Southern Indiana Bearded Villains Beard Club. Of course, he insisted that the beard needed to stay and encouraged Greg to check out their active group of beard growers and enthusiasts.


"The Bearded Villains is the world's largest beard club with 160 chapters all over the globe." They are a tight-knit group of men who understand the importance of unity and positivity and the impact that coming together for a common good can have on the community. Their focus is to spread that goodwill in Southern Indiana with fundraising efforts and volunteering at local events like the Special Olympics. They have raised over $55,000 for local non-profits.

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Ted also told us about their upcoming Battle of the Beards which the Villains host each year as a fundraiser for community organizations. This year's event takes place this Saturday, Sept. 9th at VFW #1114 on 110 N. Wabash Ave of Flags Evansville, IN.   There is no admission fee, but if you want to enter into any of the categories, it is $15 per entry with registration from 5 p.m. to when the competition begins at 7 p.m. Yours truly will be there judging the awesome beards! Here are the various ways you can join the fun.  I love that they have ways for the ladies and kiddos to participate.


Battle of the Beards Categories:

-Under 4 inches
-4-8 inches
-8-12 inches
-12 inches and over
-Partial Beard (Whaler or Goatee)
-Styled Moustache
-Kids Creative
-Whiskerina (womens creative)

All proceeds raised at the event will benefit The Hope Gallery in Newburgh in association with The Alex and Ali Foundation. The Hope Gallery gives adults with developmental disabilities vocational training opportunities through creative outlets.  Founder and President, Jennifer Graham Parker, sat down with our friend Ange Humphrey at Local Lifestyles to talk about their exciting grand opening that is also underway this weekend.

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