Angel here!  It has been a while since I brought you a fabulous bargain, so this week's is pretty darn awesome.  I am introducing you all to Southern Savers deals and more!

I stumbled across this website while looking for deals like I do.  The site gives you the option to create an account.  Your account allows you to save grocey lists, coupons, and other deals.

Deals range from things like Converse shoes, to deals going on at Target, and Starbucks.  You can print coupons off and search for deals on the site.

I love the site because it is up to date and keeps me in the know about deals at some of my favorite stores.

For instance Walgreens has $.54 Almay deodarant this week!  You can't beat $.54 deodarant.

Join and start saving and enjoying the perks.

Happy shopping friends~

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