Angel here and it makes my heart so happy to be sharing another neighborhood sale with you all this weekend.  Thoroughbred Acres in Owensboro will host its annual sale.

Thoroughbred Acres is located right off the bypass at Carter Road.  Now let me warn you of a few things.  Unless you have been in the neighborhood you may want to familiarize yourself with it.  It has lots of nooks and crannies.  You can get lost in a quick second and be somewhere over the rainbow if you aren't careful.

My professional yard sale advice (and yes I am classified as a professional) would be to scope it out the night before.  Hop in the care and take a little cruise to map it all out.

I spoke with my insider adviser Molly Marshall who is a resident in Thoroughbred and she gave me exclusive information on how things will be going down this weekend here is exactly what you will need to know.

I think the most awesome part about this sale is that they will be bringing J's Good Grub Food Truck to the party.  They came to the radio station last year and they have the most delicious food ever.  If you stop by make sure to get their cajun fries.

Molly Marshall



Molly Marshall

While you're out doing a little bargain shopping stop into Peddlers Mall this weekend too and for a listing of all the other yard sales this weekend click here.

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