I make no bones about it.  I am a proud owner of a Squatty Potty and there is absolutely no shame in my game for telling you that.  Quite simply, my little plastic footstool has drastically changed the way that I pop a squat.  Do a number two.  Drop the kids off at the pool.  LOL!  And, now, Squatty Potty has set their sights on a whole new generation of "squatters".  The company just announced a new product for kids.  It's called the SquattyPottymus!


I think this is HILARIOUS!!  And, according to the company, the SquattyPottymus, "is a complete kit that is designed to grow with your child."  It will eliminate (no pun intended) dangling feet!  And, the kit "will help your little one feel secure and safe on the porcelain throne."  Naturally, like with a Big Wheel or Barbie corvette, your kids can decorate their SquattyPottymus with bright and playful stickers.

Here's why your kids may need it . . .

Now, I am a fan of the Squatty Potty.  I think everyone should be.  If you're unfamiliar with this creation, take a look!  Here's how you use it.

If you'd like to order your very own Squatty Potty or a new SquattyPottymus, you can CLICK HERE or call 1-855-628-1099.

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