This hidden gem in Ohio might make for a nice little weekend road trip for you.

I have done several posts about places in the region that you can stay in when you visit the area. So I decided to find a new, unique place to highlight each week in the region that you can visit. This new series will be called Tri-State Travels. This doesn't necessarily mean that all of these places are found here in the Tri-State, however, these are places that Tri-Staters might like to visit when they plan trips in these areas.

This week, let's highlight a place at Hocking Hills, Ohio. Hocking Hills is a beautiful state park full of waterfalls, caves, and more amazing scenery. It's a place to go when you want to get away from the world and relax. One place there is the perfect mix between camping and a unique stay. Geodomes at The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls are a sight to see.

The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls
The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

These geodomes feature more than 706 square feet of interior space (30’ diameter) and ceilings that tower 14 feet at the highest point. These geodomes have one king-size bed, a small dining table and chairs, a couch, a coffee table that faces the picture window, kitchenettes with retro-style appliances, and custom bathrooms with a glass shower. Oh, and they have HVAC too, so you don't have to worry about getting too hot or cold. 

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From the amazing views surrounding the geodomes and complete solitude, the Geodomes at The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls are an ideal place to visit for a nice weekend off the grid getaway. You can learn more about these geodomes and find out how to book your stay by clicking on the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls listing page here. Take a look at Earth Home to see how amazing this place looks in the photos below.

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