Easter is without a doubt, one of the best holidays for candy lovers.

Egg-ceptional Truth Revealed: The Surprising Ingredient in Cadbury Creme Eggs

Cadbury Creme Eggs have always been my favorite Easter candy. I'm talking about the OG, not the new versions with caramel or chocolate. My son is also obsessed with them. I am sort of embarrassed to admit that we have chased each other through the house trying to eat the last one. And let's just say that we shared one because I grabbed half out of his mouth. I know how bad that sounds, but they are so good!

hershey company cadbury creme egg CANVA
hershey company cadbury creme egg CANVA

My mom always told me that there was an egg in the creme center. I assumed that this was her way of trying to take my Cadbury Eggs away. The thought of real eggs in my candy totally grossed me out. Oh, she also said that it was a raw egg. Now, I just dismissed that and didn't read the ingredients. What she was telling me about eggs in my creme egg could not be true, could it?

It's just not Easter until you've savored the unique milk chocolate shell and soft fondant center of a CADBURY CREME EGG Candy.

Cadbury Creme Eggs Do Contain Real Egg

Ok, if you love Cadbury Creme Eggs like I do, but you don't really want to know about the ingredients, you might want to sit down.

hershey company cadbury creme egg ingredients
hershey company cadbury creme egg ingredients
The egg white is the clear liquid within an egg, also known as albumin. It contains about 50% of the egg's protein and has very minimal fat content.

These are the best-selling Easter candies in America

Instacart looked at data leading up to the 2022 Easter holiday season to see which candies were the most popular across the nation, as well as which candies were top-sellers in each state.
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Several snacks that are chocolate free that can fit within the confines of plastic Easter eggs such as the following:

Easter Egg/Basket Ideas for Children and Teens

There are limitless ideas of other items to place inside easter eggs, and it is not always geared towards the littles, teens, and tweens can still gain some enjoyment from this holiday tradition as well. Here are some ideas for all age ranges of things to pack inside those eggs!

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