Confession.  I own a pair of Crocs and I don't care who knows it.  Now, chances are you have never seen me wear them in public.  I typically won't wear them if I'm going somewhere unless I am just running through a drive-thru or something or picking up a curbside order at a local restaurant.  If I don't have to get out of the car, I certainly don't mind slipping them on, grabbing my keys and heading out the door for a quick road trip.  If I don't exit my vehicle, you will have no idea that I have a pair of Crocs on my hooves.  They're my rather unfashionable little secret.  I have rolled up into many a to-go facility in this town with plastic shoes nestling my feet.

And, look!  I know the Croc (and all the cheaper knockoff versions) have a highly debated reputation.  I get it.  Some people think they're really ugly.  Some people, like me, are perfectly willing to give the ugliness a pass for the sake of comfort.

Others, like my friend Meghan Schwartz, have found a way to turn those ugly little ducklings into swans.  LOL!  Check this out.  Meghan recently bought a pair of generic "Crocs" and decided to give them a glamorous facelift.  She absolutely bedazzled the crap out of them.

Meghan Schwartz
Meghan Schwartz
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Now, you may be wondering how much it cost to do this.  Meghan has broken it down for you.

1. Generic "Crocs".  That's right.  She didn't opt for the actual name brand.  She saved some money by buying a knockoff.  The shoes?  Just $10.

2.  Clearly, she had to have glue to get all the bling to stay put.  Meghan used E6000 glue, which she purchased for $4.

3.  Then, of course, she needed some blingy blingy bling.  So, she purchased pearls, chains, ribbons and gems for the low price of $8.

The total cost for the "sizzle" in her summer sandals?  Just $22!

This morning, Meghan joined Angel and me on the WBKR morning show to chat about her project!


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