Do not assault the messenger. Or force feed me licorice. Or flavored milk. (Well, chocolate's okay.)

This just happened to come across my screen and I decided to click through and give it a look.

It's from a website called Fiscal Times, I believe, and it listed the 20 unhappiest states among THESE United States.

And it just so happens that our fair Commonwealth made the dubious cut.

As a matter of fact, Kentucky ranks right up there.

What's more, SIX of Kentucky's neighbors are also in the top 20. God bless the Ohio Valley, right?

It's presented as a slide show, so I didn't find any methodology. But I did see something about a well-being index, a sense of purpose, social connectedness, and health.

And, no, I'm not sure "connectedness" is a word. But it's THEIR word, not mine.

So, yeah, Kentucky makes a top ten in something other than basketball.

Lucky us.


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