Braden Freels

The Crazy Things Kids Make Us Do
Do your kids do crazy crap that absolutely drives you up a wall or maybe put you on top of a roof? Angel here! My children were up to their regular antics over the holidays and here's what happened.
Drama King Much?
Angel here! Each of my children has different personalities I have one that is bossy, one that is argumentative, the princess of course, and then there is Braden he is my dramatic one!
Boys Will Be Boys
Angel Here! Being a parent is absolutely EXHAUSTING! I try super hard to stay on top of all my kids are doing and most of all the things they are supposed to be doing. Sometimes I fail!
Boys Will Be Boys
I'm not sure why I thought I might get to rest while I was on vacation but it didn't happen!  My second day off I get a call from my boys dad asking me to come get our middle son because he needs to go to the hospital.  This is what happened!
God Bless America [Video]
With all the negativity in the world during election time, we often forget about our freedom and those brave men and women who fought for us to have it.