Angel here! Each of my children has different personalities I have one that is bossy, one that is argumentative, the princess of course, and then there is Braden he is my dramatic one!

And when I say dramatic I don't mean like occasionally overreacting I mean like full on drama from sunrise to sunset.  He'll win an award one day I guarantee it!

Here is the latest story.  Monday I got a call in the afternoon from my son Parker telling me that Braden had a bike wreck and messed his bike up.   So I rush home to check on how he is.  I find him in the living room with his foot propt up with ice on it.  He is squinting and saying it hurts.  Then not five minutes later he tells me he needs to go to the library to do homework and he needs a ride.  Joe and I take him and drop him off.  When he gets out this happens...

Yes that's my boy!  I am so proud LOL.

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