Do your kids do crazy crap that absolutely drives you up a wall or maybe put you on top of a roof?  Angel here!  My children were up to their regular antics over the holidays and here's what happened.

Santa brought Tucker a drone for Christmas.  Super fun gift right?!  One would think so until you end up on your neighbors roof at 11:30 at night praying to God that you don't fall off!

Yes I said I was on a roof.  Braden decided he wanted to teach Tucker how to fly the drone and took it outside to practice (mind you this was after I told him not to at night).  He said and I quote "Mom I am a pro at this don't worry."  Yep you're a pro Braden a pro at driving your momma bonkers!

Angel Welsh
Angel Welsh

That is our house you see behind the drone.  Were I would have loved to have been laying in bed.

The whole time Braden stood on the ground trying to tell me how to get the drone down.  Honestly, I thought about staying on the roof permanently LOL!

The drone was rescued and I safely got off the roof.

Tell us something crazy your kids have gotten you into.


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