This is the best thing I have seen all year.  I'm serious.  I was at Trunnell's Farm Market a couple of days ago to help kick off Family Fun Acre season and Julie Trunnell told me about her horse and his best friend.  Yes, Dan the Horse has a new sidekick.  And his name is Piggers the Pig.  Over the winter the two became best friends and now they're virtually inseparable.  It's a true barnyard bromance.  You have to see this.

As you can see in the video, Dan is very protective of Piggers.  That horse made no bones about the fact that he didn't want me touching his pig.  And Julie says Dab gets furious if the pig leaves their enclosure.  If Piggers wanders around the Trunnell's farm, Dan will run around like crazy until he comes back.  I'm telling you.  These animals are inseparable.  When I first saw them Dan was eating and Piggers was standing directly underneath him eating too!  And Julie says they even cuddle up at night.  Piggers has been seen sleeping on Dan's back.

This is hilarious.  I love it.  It's the most unlikely barnyard bromance.  Dan the Horse and Piggers the Pig.  BFF's.  Or, BBFF's. Best barnyard friends forever!

You'll have the chance to ride Dan this season at the Family Fun Acre.  And, chances are, you'll see Piggers walking ride beside him.

The Trunnell's Farm Market Family Fun Acre is now open and is home to a giant corn maze.  This year, Trunnell's maze celebrates the 75th anniversary of Curious George.  For more information, CLICK HERE!

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