Since hitting menopause in December I have seen, heard and was surprised by so many things associated with this hormonal disaster. One thing that bothers me is that women don’t talk about it almost like it is something we can control or be embarrassed about. Well, anyone who knows me knows I talk about EVERYTHING so I would like to take a moment to let you know, these are things you should never ask a menopausal woman.


Top 10 Things to NEVER ask a Menopausal Woman

  1. Why are you sweating so much? It isn’t even that hot. Unless you’ve personally experienced hot flashes, keep your comments to yourself as they are NO fun. If you’re cold put on a sweater. You can put things on and we can’t take anything else off.
  2. All you have to do is exercise and you’ll lose those extra pounds. Well, if I wasn’t so tired from being in Menopause I would exercise.
  3. Oh look, you have a whisker on your face, let me pull it off for you! DON’T YOU DARE.
  4. Why are you up again reading in the middle of the night? Just close the book and go back to sleep.  Why don’t you roll over and close your mouth!
  5. Isn’t there medicine that can help? Really? If you know of a “happy pill” I can take, please share so I don’t murder you!
  6. You don’t look old enough to be in menopause. Silence. Followed by an eye roll. Is that supposed to be a compliment?
  7. You wouldn’t be so tired if you would just exercise more. Yes, I get it. Exercise will cure menopause. Yeah, right.
  8. You are clogging the tub drain with all the hair you are losing. Losing hair has always been something I’ve longed for. What woman wouldn’t want to have thinning hair? Thanks for pointing it out Mr. Obvious.
  9. 9.    Boy you have to use the bathroom a lot. Well just don’t make me laugh or sneeze then.
  10. Why are you so moody lately? Could be that I am sweating, gained weight, need sleep and well….I can’t remember all of the reasons because of my recent memory loss.

Now…..Men take a step back to when you were a 14-15 year old boy going through hormone changes. How did you act? If you can’t remember then ask your Mom’s as I’m sure she will remember. Mother Nature has dealt you some karma!


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