wesleyan park plaza

So Close To Opening Day
A few months ago we broke the news that Niko's Italian Cuisine would be expanding and opening a bakery/cafe in Wesleyan Park Plaza. Last week they posted the new sign and preparations pictures.
What Should Go Here?
Angel Here! My husband, Joe and I were driving through Wesleyan Park Plaza Sunday and I glanced at the old Kmart building and it hit me I know exactly what Owensboro needs!
The McDonald's at Wesleyan Park Plaza has closed a few times as of late. Now we know why.
You Know You’re from Owensboro When…
Every town is unique. Some of its citizens may not think so, but if you flesh it out and pay attention, you'll learn why. Owensboro is no different. It doesn't take much talking to learn that someone is a native of the Big O. In fact, I've come up with some ways to readily identi…