I bet a majority of the small appliances found in our home when I was a kid were there as a result of my mother's love of S&H Green Stamps.

This is some serious Throwback Thursday stuff, so put on those thinking caps.

That Green Stamp store was in a strip mall on Frederica next to Johnson, Depp, Quisenberry.

It was where the Owensboro Health Business Center is today.

A very busy strip mall, it also housed the city's only Baskin-Robbins, until the one in the mall opened.

I'm pretty sure there was either a barber shop or a beauty salon back in there.

And then there was the other part of the strip mall where you really could spend a great deal of time.

Starting at the north end of the building--next to 25th Street--there was Greene's Pharmacy, Snyder Music, Ben Franklin 5 & 10 (man, I miss Ben Franklin), and then Wyndall's.

When Mom would go grocery shopping, I'd go look through Ben Franklin and then go read comics at Greene's.

And then, of course, that whole north building became Winn Dixie. And it was open 24 hours a day. Always a bonus.

Do you remember all those businesses and that strip mall? And if you do, and you know that I'm missing something, please help me fill in the blanks.

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