You have likely heard by now that The Josh Merritt Band were crowned the champions of the The Battle for the Big O on Saturday night at Diamond Lake's Good Time Theatre.  And they were INCREDIBLE!!  But a trio of teenagers gave the group (and everyone else) a huge run for their money.  They told the crowd they actually had to Google "old country" to find some songs that may be appropriate for this year's Liquid Ninja Big O Music Fest.  And, by their performance of Patsy Cline's "Walking After Midnight", I think they may have found just the right one.  WATCH!

Congratulations to Kennedy McCollam, Riley Roth and Joe Gatton.  The trio (just 14 and 15-years-old) completely won over the crowd and upstaged some very formidable competition.  They surprised everyone by finishing the night in 2nd place.  And, I can tell you this too.  They nearly won the whole thing.

I have a hunch we're going to see Kennedy, Riley and Joe in the 2015 Battle and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us next year!