I remember January 3rd, 2000 very well.  It was a holiday here at WBKR studios and I had worked for a couple of hours early that morning.  By that afternoon, it was sunny.  Our temperatures were hovering near 80 degrees and I was ready for a big afternoon nap.  That nap was cut short.  Cut short by blaring emergency alert sirens ringing through Owensboro-Daviess County.  I jumped out of bed and headed for the station.  I knew if a storm was going to hit, that's where I needed to be.  Boy, did it hit.  And Wayne Hart, like he is always, was in his studio with the play-by-play.  Check this out!

I ended up arriving at the radio station just minutes before the tornado crossed Frederica Street at Kentucky Welseyan College. Those of us who were here hunkered down in one of our production studios until the storm passed . . . then we immediately went to work reporting the damage.

Do you remember where you were that day when the storm hit?

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