All right y'all, according to BuzzFeed, here are the best, note not most popular, slang terms in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. (And the rest of the country, too).

Okay someone hands you this, and it may not be exactly the drink that's headed your way, but in Kentucky it's a....


Well "Coke" of course, though I prefer the term "pop". All forms of cola, un-cola, and the like will always be a "coke".

It's Indiana's turn and I find this one a little perplexing. What do you call this?


I would call it a vacuum cleaner, but a Hoosier supposedly calls it a "sweeper". I'm not sure this is accurate. Are there devices called sweepers? Yes, but they normally don't require electricity. Sweep on y'all!

Illinois has an odd one, but I get it. These shoes are normally called....


Sneakers or tennis shoes, but in Illinois they are called "gym shoes". It makes sense. I don't know how many times at all my school dances we were told not to wear boots or any kind of shoe that was scratch the gym floor. That's why there used to be sock hops, no shoes at all.

Okay, I have one issue with another state on this list, Iowa. This illustration isn't perfect but I'll explain.


When you see a vehicle with one headlight out, do you yell out "padiddle"? I have for years, but I don't slap the top of my car. My friends and I would touch the roof real quick. And here's another one, I also count "padaddles", those are cars with one tail light out.

What does "ope" mean? And there were no "slug bug" states.