I took a low-impact Memorial Day Weekend and injected a day trip to Cynthiana, Kentucky on Sunday, because I wanted to see where The Walking Dead was "born."

TWD creator Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore are from Cynthiana (despite what Kirkman's Wikipedia page says)--a fact proudly displayed on the sign that welcomes you to town.

Dave Spencer

And when you drive through Cynthiana, you'll notice it's a pretty picturesque town in the way that a "movie" town might be.

So, yes, it would have been GREAT if the show had managed to do some filming in Kentucky, since, in the comic book, that's where the story begins.

Dave Spencer

Rick Grimes is a Kentucky sheriff who travels to Atlanta looking for his family. It could have just been Lexington, but I'm a long-time fan, so it's a little late for carping.

But, here's the thing...outside of the impressive mural tourists will find in the middle of town, Cynthiana really does nothing more to elaborate on this really cool fact.

Dave Spencer

The Walking Dead creator is FROM there.

It would be great to see them run with it. Then again, there could be licensing issues with product, but this town DOES seem like the birthplace of one of the most popular series of all time.

Anyway, as an official Walking Dead nerd, I had to go and get these shots, even if there wasn't anything more there related to the show.

If you're a fan like me and you're up in that neck of the woods, you ought to take a look.

Dave Spencer