For weeks now, I've been seeing multiple friends' posts about the proliferation of stink bugs.


In some cases, the proliferation has been sudden.

And I've been reading the posts and seeing the pictures and thinking that we've been left out of the stink bug loop out at our place. We've been dealing with spiders and one mean-looking, but ultimately harmless, cicada-killer hornet (seriously, those things are intimidating and they twitch).

But now we can join in on the stink bug discussion. And my contribution will be my belief (but not really) that stink bugs do not fly, they just appear out of nowhere and then freeze.


I escorted three of them out of the house yesterday afternoon before we visited some friends for dinner. When we returned there were FOUR in the kitchen--two by the stove, one in the sink, one on the table. And no, as is typical, they were not moving.

I remember the stories from last year about the arrival of stink bugs but I never saw any. Well now, we have experienced more in one weekend than I have seen in the past 12 months.


And then, before the big Facebook Meltdown of 2021, my friend Travis Estes posted something about Mighty Mint Spray, saying that he spritzed it around their doors and all around the outside of the house and haven't seen any stink bugs since.

Travis is quite good at recommending so I will have to investigate this stuff. I'm ready for anything. And, of course, there are suggestions online. But I'm open to any fix anyone has used. Bring 'em on.

Seriously, I was laying in bed reading and brushed something off of me only to find out it was a blankety-blank stink bug. It made its way to the blinds--they really seem to like just sitting on the blinds.

I say "made its way" because, no, I did NOT see it fly.

Stink bugs are bad enough--do they have to be SORCERERS, too?

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