HALLOWEEN HAVOC is again the proud sponsor of our annual WBKR Road War, a city-wide, Halloween-themed  "scavenger hunt" that offers teams a chance to win $1,000!   Each year, for that event, Halloween Havoc outfits the WBKR staff so we can man (or woman) the checkpoints on the Road War course in style.  So, Jaclyn and I decided that we would go to the store and do a Halloween fashion show.  That way, you guys can see some of the awesome and scary costumes Halloween Havoc has to offer.  And, because I am a good uncle (or a glutton for punishment and torture) , I suggested that little Jaclyn Jr. (a.k.a. Carsyn) come along for the ride.  Well, little Rosemary's Baby was in quite a mood!

Now, I must tell you . . . though Carsyn refused to try on any outfit her mother and Tad asked her to put on, she actually WANTED to dress up like Minnie Mouse.  But, as you can see in the photo, when she got the costume on, she ripped the headband and the ears off her scalp like it was a crown of thorns.  This child was acting cray-cray!  Military school, anyone?  Sally Jesse Raphael Boot Camp, anyone?

Carsyn had just gotten up from a nap and she was in full-out Grumpy Dwarf-mode!  So, naturally, Uncle Tad wanted to send the little demon seed a message . . . so I found a costume that made Minnie Mouse reconsider acting like a little stubborn rodent.  LOOK!

Of course, the sight of Uncle Tad in a giant rat costume did nothing to improve Carsyn's mood.  Jaclyn, because she obviously learned nothing from watching Dr. Phil, started to bribe the child with M&M's and the promise of a visit to Cold Stone Creamery!   But Carsyn wasn't having it.  She was hell-bent on wreaking her own brand of Havoc in the store!  She was throwing costumes, grunting like my grandmother used to when she was constipated, screaming "NO!" at her mother, and running up and down the aisles like she was on freaking Supermarket Sweep!   So, I decided to suit up and wage war against evil!

But even the threat of expulsion of her inner demonic forces did nothing to calm sweet little Carsyn!  No!  She continued to writhe in her mother's arms, scream, whine and smear M&M chocolate all over her mouth.  So, Jaclyn and I decided we would just carry-on and do the photo shoot without her.  Luckily, there were some strangers around to watch the little princess.  That's when we suited up in matching Mad Hatter costumes.  Jaclyn shopped from the Weighs-Under-20-Pounds aisle . . . and I picked my dress up from the Husky Girl section. 

But, just as Jac and I were ready to walk the catwalk, in barged the Bad Seed again!  LOOK!   Carsyn apparently has the same traits of aggression as a piranha.  She was clutching that witch's hat and thwacking me in the broom stick with it!  I was ready to rumble . . . but I didn't want my dress to fly up over my head.  That would have looked like a scene out of Snakes on a Plane

After being attacked viciously and deciding that I could no longer take this physical assault from the female Chucky, I told Jaclyn that we needed to snap some photos of JUST THE GROWN-UPS!   Like this one . . .

And this one . . .

But then, Tad and Jaclyn's special time came to a screeching halt!  Yes, Jaclyn showed that her little rotten apple didn't fall far from the crusty old tree!  She decided it would be funny to turn against Uncle Tad too . . . and she dressed in a costume she knew would buckle him to his knees!  

So, that pretty much put an end to the Halloween Havoc photo shoot.  I would like to tell you it was fun, but it wasn't.  I would like to tell you that Carsyn finally quit acting like she was auditioning for Hellraiser, but she didn't.  In fact, we made one last attempt to get Carsyn into a costume.  Jaclyn found a PERFECT cowgirl outfit for her.  It had all the trimmings . . . it was pink, it came with a cowgirl hat, and it was made from the hide of an animal Carysn trapped and killed the last time it was dark and she was hungry.  And, I had the PERFECT pink costume to match! 

Yep!  There's Carsyn . . . two hours into the photo shoot . . . acting just like she did when it started.  And there's her mother, looking like a two-bit waitress at a cantina in Tijuana.  And there's Uncle Tad, dressed up like a big plump pig about to be hauled off to the Emge plant.  So, what did Tad do about this disastrous afternoon???

In all seriousness, if you are in the market for Halloween costumes, see my friend Joanie at Halloween Havoc's location at Towne Square North or my buddy Mike at Halloween Havoc's Tell City location.  And be sure to join us Saturday, October 22nd, for the WBKR/Halloween Havoc Road War!!  It's the "scariest road trip in town" and will "scare the headlights of you!!"