Angel Here!  Since I was in middle school I have always heard ghost stories about spooky things and ghosts that live in the woods at Ben Hawes.  Many people in Owensboro have had experiences themselves!

According to many haunted sites and blogs;

A girl who was accused of witchcraft in the 18th century was burned at the stake in the woods. If you up there at night you can see her ghost walking and the light of the torches of the people who came to burn her.


Dana Hinton Morris wrote: When I was a teenager I was jogging when an older lady stopped me to ask if she was going the right direction to get off the main trail, I told her I would walk her there and when I went to turn around she was gone.

Jennifer Coomes Higdon claims:  She heard stories of Scratchy Annie who would come after teenagers that would go parking at night.

I was told once that just beyond the fencing on the outside of the trails if you crossed over you would be taken away by ghosts that lived on that side.

Todd Reynolds:  Wilson's Ferry has had the reputation of being haunted going back many years.
It is said that at midnight on Halloween night, a lady in white walks down the long road, glides out across the waters of the Ohio River, and vanishes into the night.
The story was so wide spread during the 40's and 50's that the sherriff's department would send deputies out there to make sure things didn't get too rowdy, there were so many people who gathered to see "the lady in white walk..."
The facts are that there have been several deaths over the years in that spot, and the ghost is that of a mother seeking her drowned children.

Many different legend have come out of the hills of Bon Harbor and Ben Hawes.  We want to know your stories!  Send them to us and we will include them in this blog!

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