Y'all stop what you're doing!  I have come to make all your camping dreams come true right inside the comforts of your kitchen.

What is one of the first things that come to mind when you think about camping?  EATING (okay maybe it's the second thing) but you get where I"m going with this.

Roasting hot dogs, sitting around the campfire, and the best part of all...making S'MORES.

Our family used to go camping in Branson when I was a little girl.   We stayed in a horseback riding camp and took a big gooseneck trailer that we slept in.  I still to this day remember learning how to make s'mores and getting the marshmallows and chocolate all over me.  If I close my eyes and sit quietly I can almost taste it.

I don't do much camping now.  We go to the cabin a few times a year and sit around the fire and that is something we love to do is make s'mores.  So, when my friend Candice Cloud posted a picture of the Portable S'mores Maker I almost did a backflip.  Apparently, this delightful machine has been around for a while and I am arriving late to the campout.

It's electric and is small enough to fit right on your table for a night in with the family.  And the best part it is super affordable.   I found it on Amazon.com for just $34 and some change.  And if you want to take it a step further you can order all the supplies you'll need and a Campfire cookbook.

There is a less expensive version that has a Lazy Susan so you can spin your little treats around while you're making s'mores.

I don't care which one I get I just want some S'MORES this weekend.  Do any of you all have a Portable S'mores Maker?  Do you love it?  Head to the WBKR Facebook Page or the WBKR App and tell us what you think.


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