Angel here.  I woke up Thursday morning to find the side door to my house wide open.  Panic flooded my body!  I immediately went to each kids room to make sure they were safe!

If you are reading this right now you have probably figured out my babies were tucked perfectly in their beds and just fine.  As I drove to work I thought to myself what if they hadn't been?

We are fortunate to live in what I consider a very safe neighborhood.  We live next door to a police officer and all our other neighbors are older and have basically formed their own neighborhood watch.  They know everything that goes on at all hours.

I was curious to find out how safe Owensboro was and found a site that ranks different neighborhoods according to safety.

According to here is how they track the data;

 NeighborhoodScout Crime Analytics use hundreds of sophisticated spatial algorithms to process 9 million+ reported crimes into nationally comparable crime data of unprecedented accuracy, with complete coverage for every neighborhood and address in America.

Neighborhood Scout
Neighborhood Scout

1.  Panther / Saint Joseph
2.  E 4th St / Pleasant Valley Rd
3.  Thruston
4.  Dermont / Oak Ridge
5.  Griffith / Birk City
6.  Lewis Ln / Booth Ave
7.  New Hartford Rd / Veach Rd
8.  Kentucky Wesleyan College / Frederica St
9.  Rome
10. Frederica St / Fairfax Dr

I am thankful to live in a safe neighborhood but still pretty shaken up!  I'll be double bolting the door tonight.

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