It's National Pizza Week and I'm celebrating here at WBKR by sharing some of my favorite pizza places in and around the tristate.  During college, I lived in Louisville, which is home to some amazing and unique pizza places.  As a matter of fact, I still get to spend quite a bit of time in the city and love hitting up these places when I go.  Here's my list of the Top Five Pizza Places in Louisville!  Let me know if you've tried these or if there's a place I left off the list that I shouldn't have.

#5- Danny Mac's


I had the chance to visit Danny Mac's for the first time over the weekend.  There are two locations in town to serve you- Mellwood Art Center and the Tim Tam Tavern.  While the restaurant has a bit of a dive-bar feel, the food is the star.  The pizza is incredible (every pizza is 12") and there are plenty of specialty choices on the menu, including the popular Kentucky Hot Brown Pizza at the Mellwood location.  However, when you visit Danny Mac's . . . and trust me on this . . . you MUST begin your meal and experience with Cracksticks.  You will become instantly addicted.

#4- Wick's Pizza Parlor


Absolutely delicious and I highly suggest zipping up to Louisville and crashing the Wick's location on Baxter Avenue.  The pizza is monstrous, insanely good and one of the most filling pizzas you will ever consume.  The only negative . . . two or three slices and you'll feel like you're carting around an Italian food baby.  But, trust me.  It's SO worth conception.  While the Baxter Avenue location is my fave (the atmosphere and neighborhood are perfection), there are four locations total in the Louisville-metro area.  Pick one and GO!

#3-  Clifton's Pizza Company


An absolute favorite of mine when I was in college!  Cliftons Pizza Co. is located on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville and serves up delicious pizza, pasta, subs and garlic sticks.  Situated in an very trendy and charming neighborhood, Cliftons is trendy and quirky in its own right.  There are clocks, all set to different times, all over the walls.  But one taste of their delicious pizza and time will absolutely stand still.  My friends and I spent countless hours (after hours) at Cliftons.  Decades later, it still holds a special place in my heart and, even more importantly, in my stomach.  LOL!

#2- Impellizeri's


Simply put . . . Impellizeri's, with three locations in Louisville, has the absolute BEST breadstix in the world.  And the pizza is incredible too.  And so is that homemade Italian dressing.  And, well, you get the point!  Here's a travel/entertainment tip for you.  If you're going to a concert the KFC Yum! Center downtown, make your plans to have a pre or post-show dinner here.  It's literally a couple of blocks away from the arena and completely worth the wait.

#1-  Bonnie & Clyde's

Photo by Jordan Haire

An absolute throwback to old school pizza parlors.  I mean, it's 2019 and Bonnie & Clyde's still doesn't take credit cards.  They serve sodas by the pitcher.  And you have to sit banquet-table style with complete strangers.  And it's freaking amazing!!  I could type for days about why you should jump in the car right now and head to Dixie Hwy in Louisville, but nothing will convince you more than doing it.  My buddy Corey Gant (from the Owensboro Fire Department) sings the praises of this place too.  If you know Corey, ask him about Bonnie & Clyde's.  He grew up right down the road and will confirm that this is the best pizza place in Louisville.

So there you have 'em!  My choices for the Top Five Pizza Places in Louisville, Kentucky.  Have you tried these?  Or, is there a place I left off the list that I need to reconsider?