When I was attending Western Kentucky University, I was amazed at the cool classes that were offered that a student could use to fulfill general elective requirements.

And since no one could take very many, you had to make your choices count.

For example, one of mine was Supernatural Folklore--a great class taught by a guy who looked like The Cat in the Hat.

For the artistically inclined, there was an Animation class.

Billiards and Bowling were physical education electives. Maybe they still are.

You get the idea.

Well, now the University of Kentucky is offering a course that I would be ALL OVER!

How seriously GREAT is that?

Steven Alvarez, an assistant professor in UK's Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies department, teaches the class which focuses on Mexican foodways in Kentucky and the broader South.

In preparing for the course, Alvarez learned, through his research and travels, that were a great many Mexican restaurants in Kentucky and across the south.

Even in the smallest towns, there always seemed to be Mexican restaurants.

And if you're thinking this class is just about eating, you'd be wrong.

It's a writing class. Food journalism.

But, yes, you do get to eat tacos and write about it.

Now that's my kind of homework!



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