I have stocked up on tissues because the St. Jude Radiothon is tomorrow and Friday. I'm going to get one of those metallic paper towel holder thingies, stack a few rolls of t.p., and get ready to raise some money. There is nothing like ending childhood disease and cancer to make your day a little bit brighter....even when you have tears in your eyes.

This year count on hearing heartfelt music from local talent, true stories from children and families who have been touched by the love and generosity of St. Jude, and get to know people in our community who have gotten to know the children's hospital the hard way. There will be celebrities on air and in our phone room ready to help you join the St. Jude family the way we would all prefer, by becoming a partner in hope.

I think the coolest part of the radiothon has to be the grown children who come in and speak on air. When you have the ability to see and listen to the actual results of the work that St. Jude research scientists and doctors commit themselves too, it is absolutely amazing. The most prevalent cancers for children have had massive improvements in survival rates because of your donations. According to the St. Jude website ,st.jude.org, cancers that were considered basically a death sentence in the 1950's with survival rates as low as 4 percent now have a survival rate of 80 percent or more.

There is no way to truly say how important the radiothon is to me and everyone here at the country station. All I can say is I became a St. Jude sponsor last year and I will renew this year. When you hear the songs and stories become a sponsor...you'll love sharing the letters and photos of children who you are helping with your whole family. My kiddos get excited when they find the letters in the mail every month and always hang the photos of children who are fighting to survive.  I've noticed it gives us something positive to talk about in what feels like an increasingly negative world.

Listen up all day and call when your heart is in it. The whole WBKR staff will be listening for you and we'll have fun incentives, give-aways, and one of a kind gifts for everyone who chooses to change the world by joining the St. Jude family. Oh, and thanks for making every radiothon fundraiser better than the year before!