Goku went missing off of Downey Lane in Cromwell one week ago. His owner hasn't been able to sleep and is offering a $200 REWARD for his safe return. This is such a stressful time, so let's help bring this baby home.

Kyler Baize via Facebook

Kyle lost his brother in 2011 and Goku is what brought him out of his depression. In this stressful time, he needs his baby more than ever. When he reached out to us last night, I knew we needed to step in and help.

"He may be close to Downey Lane out 505," Kyle said. "He is usually inside and I let him out to run for a couple hours per day. I greatly appreciate it. He may not come up to a stranger, but if they see him I will come out and look. He is fixed," he went on to add.

"I've spent every day since he's been gone looking everywhere and I cant give up!"

We won't give up either.

Please contact Kyle if you've seen this precious boy. His number is (270) 775-7597

Kyle is offering a $200 REWARD if safely found and returned home.

Kyler Baize via Facebook
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