Crank up the "Golden Girls" theme song and sing along while you cook delicious meals inspired by your four favorite ladies.

There is now a "Golden Girls Cookbook" on the market. Yes, the renewed craze of the iconic TV show is giving fans yet another way to enjoy the show and food at the same time. From drinks and appetizers, to salads and mains, there's a little something in this cookbook for all fans of the show.

The "Golden Girls Cookbook" is full of unique recipes of all kinds from chef Christopher Styler and photos by NYT food photographer Andrew Scrivani. Just to add a little more nostalgia from the show, you will see quotes, fun facts, and photos from the show scattered throughout the cookbook for all "Golden Girls" fans to dive into.

There are chapters individually dedicated to Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia. According to the book's description,

There will be Italian meals like Clams Fra Diavlo in Sophia’s chapter, and Southern food like honey-bourbon glazed carrots in Blanche’s, and of course some amazing cheesecakes. And what Golden Girls cookbook would be complete without Rose’s favorite Scandinavian dishes, like St. Olaf Friendship cake, a simple, buttery treat.

I find it so funny how this show that ended nearly 30 years ago has found a new life over the past few years. They have become a cult classic. You can go practically anywhere to find "Golden Girls" memorabilia. I'm talking about things like Golden Girls Wine Glasses, face masks, several Golden Girls games, and more. There's even a Golden Girls Puppet Show, which happens to be coming to Owensboro. Now, you can add a cookbook to that list.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that "Golden Girls" fanatic in your life, this would make for a great Christmas gift. You can find out how to order one below.

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