So most of you know I was a boy mom for many years before Little Miss Priss, Sassy Pants Charlotte graced the world with her presence in 2015.  Since then it's been bows, sparkle, and ruffles any and everywhere I can put them!  Charlotte often has a totally different agenda when it comes to her wardrobe....SIGH!!!


During the week my husband, Joe, gets her ready because I am working.  So she generally goes without a bow, no shoes, sometimes socks, and 50/50 matching on most days.

So on the weekends, I like to pull out her frilly outfits and big bows for her to wear.  This never goes well for me.  The minute I put a bow in her hair she rips it out and throws it on the ground.

Last Saturday was no exception.  We went to watch her brother, Braden, play basketball and I dressed her up, put in her big red bow and off we went.  I thought as we sat down this is going good, she hadn't removed the bow.  Well, I got distracted talking to some people behind me and looked away for just a few minutes.  I turned around when I heard some other ball players laughing beside me only to find that Charlotte had yanked her bow out and thrown it onto the basketball court.

She went from the first precious face you see in the posted pic to the hot mess in the next.  This weekend she is entered into Cuties For A Cure Pageant...I wonder if they will have a "Miss Hot Mess Disaster" award?  Charlotte would win that hands down!




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