While driving to Henderson on U.S. 60 many, many years ago, I looked to my left and noticed something I did not expect to see.

It was a buffalo.

Now, I can't remember if I was still in Daviess County when I saw it or if I'd gotten into Henderson County, but I know a buffalo when I see one. But more and more I've been second-guessing myself.

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I never saw one in that location again, and, thanks to a phenomenon known as the Mandela effect, I've wondered if I even saw it at all and just remember it wrong. Surely not. I could SWEAR that's what I saw.

To back up my doubts, I've never found anyone else who's seen a buffalo in the general vicinity of the one I saw. And it's not like it would be IMPOSSIBLE. Buffalo, or bison, CAN be raised in Kentucky.

If you don't believe me, take a look at this farm in Goshen, Kentucky:

Now, THAT'S a lot of bison.

And they can be found at Woodland Farm in Goshen, Kentucky up in Oldham County. And, yes, they are raised as a food source. An EXPENSIVE food source, but a food source.

Louisvillians Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson purchased the farm in 1996 with "heritage foods" and sustainable growing practices as the goal. You might say, they were "farm to table" when "farm to table" wasn't cool. Except farm to table has ALWAYS been cool.

And they don't just raise bison. The farm is comprehensive and is the direct supplier for a Louisville restaurant called Proof on Main. We're talking heirloom veggies, steaks, fish, and pork. And yes, bison burgers.

I hate to "go there" after watching the video, but I LOVE bison. It has incredible flavor and it's healthy lean meat. When I was out in South Dakota and Wyoming 10 years ago, just about everywhere I went that served food served up bison burgers. And I was there for it.

I may have to give Proof on Main a try. This is actually the first I've heard of it and I am ALWAYS down for farm to table.

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