Y'all have all heard the legend of Kentucky's Cocaine Bear, right? This unbelievable story is about a bear that encountered a duffel bag of cocaine, 75 pounds to be exact. He went to town on it like Winnie the Pooh in a honey pot as his body was later found lifeless yet  "filled to the brim" with the controlled substance. The tall tale was actually made into a movie at the beginning of this year and you can even visit the infamous "ultimate party animal" at the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall. I also highly recommend reading the full account of "Pablo Escobear's" adventures here. He even has some ties to country music. *cough cough* Waylon Jennings.


However, there is a new bear in town vying for that "Ultimate Party Animal" title. OK, so not really in OUR town, but in Lake Mary, Florida. Hold onto your hats because this next sentence is one I never thought I would have the pleasure of piecing together. This past weekend, a three-legged bear known to the area as "Tripod" waltzed onto the Lanai of a home in an Orlando suburb and broke into the mini-frig for...wait for it...a refreshing White Claw.

YEP! First of all, I love that the folks who live there already have a nickname for him like he is their own personal Yogi.  I can't believe this big boy knew how to open the refrigerator! He took out some cold claws and enjoyed his Labor Day weekend. Apparently, his favorite flavors are Mango and Strawberry (Same, Tripod!)

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Meanwhile, the 13-year-old of the family was inside alone as his dog barked sounding the alarm. In an interview with Orlando Channel 2 News WESH, he said "Once I saw him open the fridge, I got scared that he could open the doors to like the houses," he said. Thankfully, the only damage was to the screen of the porch and then the mess of cans left on the floor.

I sure do love me a good claw! I can't imagine popping open a cold one with a big ole bear! Tripod was just trying to enjoy the Holiday weekend like the rest of us. Here is the hilarious yet slightly frightening footage of the events.


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